How to choose photovoltaic modules

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Photovoltaic modules are the most important components of photovoltaic power plants. The cost of the entire photovoltaic power plant accounts for more than 40% of the total construction cost of photovoltaic power plants. Moreover, the quality of photovoltaic modules is directly related to the quality and power generation efficiency of the entire photovoltaic power plant. , power generation, service life and yield, etc.Therefore, the correct selection of photovoltaic modules is very important.So how to choose photovoltaic modules?

1. In the design and calculation of photovoltaic power generation system components or square arrays, although the total capacity and power of photovoltaic modules or the entire square array can be calculated according to the electricity consumption or planned power generation, and the number of series and parallel of photovoltaic modules is determined, it is also It is necessary to determine the shape and size of the photovoltaic module, as well as the overall arrangement of the entire square array, according to the specific installation position of the photovoltaic module.Some special-shaped and special-sized photovoltaic modules also need to be customized with the manufacturer.

2. For example, in terms of size and shape, photovoltaic modules of the same power can be made into rectangles, or can be made into other shapes such as squares, circles, trapezoids, etc. In terms of cell materials, photovoltaic modules of the same power can be made into It is a monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon component, or an amorphous silicon component, etc., which requires us to choose and determine.After the shape and size of the photovoltaic modules are determined, the combination, fixation, support, foundation and other contents of the modules can be designed.

3. When choosing the type of photovoltaic modules, it is not wrong to think that the efficiency of monocrystalline modules must be higher than that of polycrystalline modules, or that modules composed of 72 cells must be more efficient than modules composed of 60 cells. The conversion efficiency of monocrystalline modules and polycrystalline modules with the same output power is the same, as is the conversion efficiency of a 60-piece module with an output power of 270 and a 72-piece module with an output power of 320w.

Fourth, the selection of photovoltaic modules should also be based on market trends to facilitate bulk purchases, and at the same time, it should also be combined with the handling and installation conditions of the construction site. When conditions permit, try to choose large-sized and high-efficiency products.Components with similar efficiency but different specifications have basically the same price per W, but when large-sized components are selected, the component installation cost, the number of connecting cables between components, and the line loss can be reduced compared with small-sized components. There will also be a slight reduction in bracket and foundation costs for size components.

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