Choose Mono-Crystalline or Poly-Crystalline for photovoltaic cells

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When purchasing PV modules, not only the income status, but also the module cost and the overall operation and maintenance cost should be considered.Photovoltaic module inspection can know which type of battery module has good performance and low cost.Current battery modules on the market include polycrystalline modules, thin-film modules and monocrystalline modules.

1. The shapes of single crystals and polycrystals are also different in appearance.Poly-Crystalline cells are square substrates, and poly-crystalline silicon can be directly made into square materials by special methods.The silicon rod of the monocrystalline cell is cylindrical, and the plane utilization rate of sliced into solar modules is low.poly-crystalline cell modules are blue, so the conversion rate of solar light efficiency will be reduced.Noah Inspection Zhang Gong said that monocrystalline battery modules have obvious advantages in this regard, and they are black.Compared with polycrystalline cell modules, the photoelectric conversion rate is higher.

Second, in terms of price, the cost of monocrystalline cell modules is higher than that of Poly-Crystalline modules, and the conversion rate is relatively high.Most PV projects on the market today prefer to purchase poly-crystalline cell modules.Because the production process of poly-crystalline battery modules is simpler and lower cost than the monocrystalline process.There is also a thin film module in the battery module, which has strong light transmission and is suitable for agricultural greenhouses and buildings with insufficient load-bearing capacity that require strong light transmission.However, the disadvantages of film are high cost, large floor space and long recovery cycle.Therefore, polycrystalline battery modules are currently the common choice of developers, so the market share of poly-crystalline battery modules is relatively high.

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